Learn How "Cremonese-tradition" makers killed the violin making tradition... 
and Why Governments and Budget Cuts are Not The Deadliest Enemies of Classical Music. 
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This ebook is a lot more than a catalogue or a mere price list...
You will learn
  • How violin dealers and modern “Cremonese-tradition” makers killed the violin making tradition
  • Why classical music is in the deepest crisis ever and what you need to know to act responsibly 
  • The biggest enemy of classical music and musicians and how you can win
  • How my work fits into today's context and what we can do together to save music and instruments 
  • Prices on violins, violas, violoncellos da spalla and on my services, get access to free tools and more... 
Be authentic, shape your creativity with your hands and with your heart: this is what will resonate with your fans, make sense to them and they will come to enjoy your story through your music.  
About The Author

Dmitry Badiarov

At the age of five I became fascinated by wood carving and at the age of eleven, I was apprenticed to instrument maker Vladimir Oiberman in Nalchik. 

I also studied with Vladimir Yakimenko in St. Petersburg and Luca Primon in Milan. I graduated from St.-Petersburg and Brussels Conservatoires as a violinist. 

I worked with La Petite Bande, Ricercar Consort and Bach Collegium Japan among others, both as a violin designer and researcher, soloist and as a member of chamber music ensembles. 

I taught at The School of Arts and Crafts in Pieve di Cento (Ferrara), at the conservatoires of The Hague and Utrecht, at Daikanyama Academy of Music and at the National University of Fine Arts and Music in Tokyo. 
I exhibited my work in Bruges, Utrecht, Cremona, Boston, Tokyo and New York.
Testimonials about my instruments
  • Amazing, how well it works! 
    Sigiswald Kuijken
  • … a wonderful violin maker, a true artist, always researching, never blindly copying anything, but following his highest aesthetic standards based on profound knowledge of the whole culture and spirit of the baroque period (among others). The fantastic Violoncello da Spalla, reborn by him, is a great instrumental challenge and musical inspiration for me. Many thanks, again!
    Sergey Malov
  • My viola has an absolutely pure, ideally balanced and powerful tone with a plenitude of overtones and a huge dynamic range. Awesome wood and a perfect masterly work. A true piece of art. I am really happy to own it. 
    Dmitry Kosolapov
  • It sounds great! I also get complements from people about the violin, so I talk about you loudly! 
    Ryo Terakado
  • I just want to share with you how happy I am with the violin. This week I was in Tirol on a project. The concert was wonderful and then we made a recording. The violin is just amazing. No one has noticed that it is a newborn. They just talked about how wonderful it sounds and also how good it looks. 
    Laura Fiero
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