11 Reasons Why Your Instrument Might Be in Danger of Irreversible Damage 

And How To Prevent it Without Spending Time and Money on Regular Check Ups
As a violin maker with over 25 years of experience I frequently see fine instruments with damage that permanently devalues them yet which could be so easily (and cheaply) prevented. 

The truth is, musicians are usually not aware of all the points they should check in their instruments, and they do not show their instruments to violin makers for various reasons: 

🎻 Cost
🎻 Luck of trust
🎻 Busy schedules
🎻 Absence of violin maker in their vicinity
🎻 Unawareness 

I recommend showing your instrument to your violin maker at least once a year. If this is not possible, you can assess the condition of your instrument by yourself and prevent the development of irreversible and extremely costly damage to your instrument. Now you can do it online, right here.
The Top Five Benefits Of Self-Check Using This Tool:

❶ INSTANT AND FREE: Check the Condition of your instrument for free without wasting time, without spending money and without traveling long distances to the nearest shop. 

EARLY PREVENTION OF MAJOR ISSUES: Prevent development of major issues in your instrument which could potentially be irreversible and cost you thousands of euros to repair.

❸ EASY AND PROFESSIONAL: 11 Questions and Easy to Understand Illustrations with descriptions. Print the PDF and cary in your instrument case or in your mobile phone for easy reference, any time. 

ETHICAL: The value and the integrity of your instrument is the top priority. You chose: a. Less intervention is more value or b. More intervention resulting in more cost to you and less final value in your instrument.

VALUE: By preserving your instrument in the best possible condition you preserve its value, potentially save yourself thousands of euros and prolong your instrument's life for the posterity. 

So, grab your instrument and click on the button below to start  and download the FREE Check-List now. 
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